In all sectors, building owners and managers will require an Asset Management Plan for the efficient, effective and economical management of their estates. Such a plan will address the care and maintenance of the estate as well as its adaptation and development to meet changing needs.

Trevlyn Tanner Architects can assist in the preparation of this plan through the following stages:
Assessment of Existing:
    Fire Risk
    Energy Audit
    Accommodation Schedule

In addition, DfE specifically requires managers of school premises to assess:
    Net Capacity

Assessment of Current and Future Requirements:
    Analyse current needs, future needs and the timescale for change
    Derive amount, size, shape and environmental characteristics of accommodation and external space required now and in the future (for schools, we would use our curriculum modeling and space analysis software)
    By comparison of these requirements with the ‘Assessment of Existing’, identify shortfall in current provision and phased implementation of future growth

Asset Management Plan

    Care and Maintenance Programme to rectify existing defects and non-compliance and ensure prudent maintenance
    Development Framework to determine how and when the existing buildings will best be altered to meet the current and future shortfall
    Budgetary Plan to reconcile this programme and framework with available funding
asset management documents