A new 2-storey (380m2) house designed to Code 5 for Sustainable Homes started construction in May 2015 on this site, previously occupied by stables and a small sand school. The design incorporated these sustainable design features:

1. Planning of accommodation to provide thermal buffering to warmest areas

2. High thermal mass to ground-bearing slab with insulation below

3. High standards of thermal insulation, including triple-glazed windows

4. Controlled solar heat gain and thermal mass

5. High standards of air-tightness

6. Breathable construction techniques

7. Materials of low embodied energy

8. Rainwater harvesting achieved through green (sedum) roofs and permeable external hard surfaces supplying a large, below-ground water-storage tank

9. Photovoltaic array

10. Ground-source heat pump with under-floor heating system

11. Whole-house passive ventilation system with integral heat recovery

12. Maximum natural lighting

13. LED lighting with automatic controls 

Based upon a heavily insulated concrete raft, the structural envelope of Structural Insulated Panels(SIP) was to be clad in brickwork at Ground Level and oak cladding above. The shallow pitched roof was to be waterproofed with a single-ply membrane with a sedum roof to the north and photo-voltaic panels facing South. The accommodation is arranged around a central Link area and Gallery at First Floor, connected by a circular white concrete stair. Internal fonishes comprise painted plaster with oak flooring at Ground Level and carpet at First Floor. Bathrooms and Utility are tiled.

The project was registered with the Considerate Constructors' Scheme and the local primary school was invited to observe progress. Completion is planned for Autumn 2016. Progress photos will follow


Reigate and Banstead Borough Council commissioned the redevelopment of this park, to include a new pavilion providing catering facilities and toilets. Enplan were responsible for the landscaping and Trevlyn Tanner for the Pavilion. The park reopened in October 2015.

The Reigate Society has kindly recognised the quality of this development and its contribution to the local community by bestowing their Civic Trust award, October 2016. 


Over the last 12 months the entire heating system within this large secondary school was replaced whilst the school continued to function without missing a beat.

This remarkable feat was achieved through careful planning by Trevlyn Tanner Architects in conjunction with the contractor- Integral and environmental engineer TPES. Hand Deere Cox provided cost control.

The design team prepared the successful bid for capital funding and the project was completed within budget.