Our approach has been honed through the development of a portfolio valued at over £76 million. It is driven by the personal experience of the Practice founder and Principal, Paul Tanner. We believe that:

    The foundation of successful design is a complete understanding of the client's and the building user's needs.

    This understanding requires comprehensive research. It also demands the sensitive and focussed probing of client's and user's expectations.

    The best solutions emerge from the creative tension generated by the testing of an enlightened and knowledgeable client by the imaginative, objective designer.

    The designer's challenge is to then draw from this analysis the inspiration which will generate the joyful spaces, the sculpture of form, the play of light - which becomes architecture.

    This reiterative process finishes only when the project finishes. It must therefore be managed to ensure that the design develops as the project requires.

    Building procurement is a single process. We support the current demand for better means of integrating the design and building stages. The challenge to our industry is to guarantee delivery of a product which will meet the client's needs - and exceed their aspirations.

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